Facts are fine but stories are memorable. 

As people, we relate to, react to and remember stories far more effectively than facts alone – they’re a powerful way to reach out to people and connect emotionally in a way that facts simply can’t.

Why? Since we first sat around a fire people have been telling stories as a way of sharing, bonding and transferring knowledge. Research from Harvard University suggests that sharing experiences through stories builds trust, cultivates norms, transfers tacit knowledge, facilitates unlearning and generates emotional connections.

Six tactics for effective storytelling:

  1. People connect with people – and so stories about people are most effective
  2. Keep your stories interesting
  3. Share stories that stir up feelings
  4. The most powerful stories show rather than tell
  5. Build towards the moment-of-truth, the ‘aha’ moment
  6. Tell authentic stories – be honest, be vulnerable, be human

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